Boyzvoice came to fruition in 1999 after M'Pete saw an MTV video of the Backstreet Boys on television. He was mesmeried by the Backstreet Boys hordes of young female fans and the Backstreet Boy's wealth and then decided to start his own band and asked his friends Hot Tub and Roar to join. Hot Tub and Roar were initially reluctant but after M'Pete told them that Gene Simmons has come to him in a dream and ordered him to start the band they agreed. M'Pete later acknowledged he made up the story about Gene Simmons in order to get Hot Tub and Roar to join the band.

Since then Boyzvoice have had much success including the album 'Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced'. They also appeared in the classic documentary also named 'Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced'. The documentary shows the daily highs and lows of the band.