What is true and what is fiction about Boyzvoice? So much has been said about Boyzvoice and a lot of it is unbelievable. This site tells it like it is. Here no cow is too sacred and no matter is too trivial that it can't be discussed in great detail.

Comments from fans of Boyzvoice:

HG Slaven - Juice Magazine
Like Sex Pistols is to punk rock and like Metallica is to heavy metal - Boyzvoice is to boy bands. Their emblamic lyrics stick in the mind like the image of a naked super model. Their razor sharp wit leaves Oscar Wilde looking like a fool. Boyzvoice is the boy band you must see before you die.

Teen fan - Lene Stoltz
When I was an eleven year old girl I thought M Pete was the hottest guy in the world. I had all of Boyzvoices albums and had Boyzvoice posters all over my wall. Now that I'm eighteen I sometimes listen to my old Boyzvoice albums and I can't believe how much my musical tastes have changed over the years.

Rudolph Cansk - Minsk Conservatory
I studied the work of Boyzvoice briefly at the Minsk conservatory. Though not one of the most original Baroque composers his complex tonal rather than modal counterpoint intrigued me. He was one of the few German composers to use continuous line moving, terrace dynamics and extensions within the one counterpoint.